Coincidence-Rebecca Savage: Author-Published by Champagne Books

Coincidence-Rebecca Savage: Author-Published by Champagne Books

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  1. rebeccasavage Said:

    Bestseller List for Month of February 2009

    This is a story of embezzlement, and injustice, when a woman is framed by someone who only pretends to care for her.
    And then she finds love, in the midst of chaos.

    Book Blurb:

    Lori’s ex-fiancé framed her and made certain she went to prison in his stead. Now she’s out, and he wants to shut her up. He’s hired a man to stalk her, threaten her and tell her to leave the case closed and accept her fate.

    Lori ’s never been that obedient, and she believes in making her own fate. Her new friend Sal Tarentino is right there beside her, cheering her on.

    Can they win? And find a way to turn their coincidental meeting into…happily ever after?

    Sal admits to himself he’s been considered a womanizer for years. He also admits he wants Lori with everything in him from the first moment he lays on her, and he wants her for more than lustful satisfaction. He wants to help her. He’s a lawyer, and he senses her profound hurt. He realizes she’s been emotionally wounded and is extremely self-defensive.
    Lori is terrified of Sal. She’s been put through the proverbial wringer. She was sentenced to prison for a crime of embezzlement she didn’t commit and served parole for the past year. She’d come to a small town seeking solitude and escape from the rat race. She hates men. Her fiancé framed her and slept with another woman, his accomplice. Lori knows it and wants to prove it, and her innocence, someday, when she gets the nerve, and the proof. She especially hates lawyers, too bad for Sal. Her ex-fiancé had hired an attorney to pretend to defend her. All the while he was securing her guilty verdict by misrepresenting her.

    So much for peace and quiet for Lori. Sal has her in an uproar of hormones, and Sal’s own libido is in overdrive. How will Sal convince Lori’s he’s not for sale, as her ex-lawyer had been, or an evil cheat, liar and fraud, as her ex-fiancé had been? How will he make her love him? And how will Lori prove her innocence, put her ex-fiancé behind bars, and consider herself, an ex-con, deserving of an upscale lawyer, which she soon realizes Sal is? And how will they both escape the stalker Lori’s ex has sent to terrify her enough to force her to keep her mouth shut and the case closed?


    Sal braced himself as Lori drawled sexily, “I’m sorry, Sal. I know I’ve been rough on you. It’s not you. It’s me.”

    She lowered her arms and stepped toward him. She stopped before they touched, only inches away. They might as well have been touching though, for all the heat coming from her body and pouring into his now-traumatized one. The electricity humming between them nearly knocked Sal to his now-wobbly knees.

    Her body called to his, and he sensed her essence floating in the air, her sensuous aroma attacking every nerve ending. His breathing became even more radical, his arousal more intense, more painful. He needed release, or at the very least distance, and a cold shower, again.

    He wore boxers. There no way for him to hide his reaction.

    Lori continued her torture, caressing him like a fresh, warm breeze with her sultry voice. “But I don’t want to talk about our past, or my past either. I don’t even want to think about the future. I want to live…tonight…and share it…with you. Will you, Sal? Share the night with me, that is?”

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